Wow, yoyo shower!

Hey guys, hear this:

Three days ago, I was playing with my California and put in my pocket. My sister was putting clothes into the laundry, so she went to my room and took my clothes to wash. After I ate breakfast, I went to my room and looked for my pants where my Cali was inside of the pocket. I said, “Wait, where’s my pants?” and I looked around my room and couldn’t find it. Then, I said, “OMG! Its in the laundry!!!” I hurried to the landry room, turned off the power, and took out my pants from the hole of the lundry. I took my Cali out from my pants, and said, “Whoa! My Cali is clean and shinny.” My Cali, string and others are wet, but I dried them off. I changed my string and played with my California yoyo, and it was fine.

Isn’t it amazing! It was like a yoyo shower, and my Cali was shinny and clean.

Happy Throwing! =]

P.S: Feedback please! ;D

Ha awesome. You might want to either play with it for a while or use a compressor to blow the bearing dry. But that’s really cool. Shiny yoyo=yay.

Sweet! Clean and sparkly yoyos are great! :slight_smile:

That is neat, I have yet to have one of my yoyos shake hands with water. I wonder what will happen…

But yeah, that is a funny and great story!

That’d be awesome.

I’ll try it, but I’ll take out the Bearing ;).

Dry that bearing and dunk it in some lube. A 10ball or maybe a SPEC might be able to take it though.

I do that to a lot of things. I always forget to empty my pockets before I wash my clothes. I’ve never lost a cell phone in there though, which gives me the right to laugh in the face of people who managed to kill cell phones like that.

You may laugh at me, for I have killed a phone like that.

Ok, haha. JK!

That might be dangereous with your bearing, clean it.

My bearing was in the laundry with my yoyo, and it was fine too!

Happy Throwing! =]

I’ve put a Sigma Blade through a full wash + dry cycle before. Only issue was that the caps shrunk and didn’t fit anymore.

hahaha thats one way to take the caps out

So did I :frowning:


I used to yoyo while in the shower,lol. I used my kickside. I don’t do that anymore but it was fun walking the dog and making rooster tails!

Once I forgot my Pokémon Blue was in my pocket, went in for a wash with 100s of hours worth game play on it, sadly it came out with a corrupt game.

Though a nice shiny throw does sound nice…

I’m tired of these necroposts.

lPlease pay attention to the date on the post before you post in it. There was no reason to bring back an old post like this just for the laugh. Also please don’t post more than a hahaha. Anymore than that is just ludacris.