Yoyo storage - a bit ocd...

I’ve just managed to aquire a brand new JP Irony for the equivalent of USD 105 and am keen to keep it pristine by storing it well whilst not in use (partly as it is the most expensive yoyo i have and partly as it is so extremely rare to find and have delivered at a reasonable price to the UK).

I have individual yoyo pouches, zip-lock bags and a yoyo foam case. I am a little ocd about stuff like this and have some of my fave throws sealed in zip lock bags and then slotted into the sections of the yoyo case.

Currently, I’ve got a Northstar, two N12s and a T5 in ziplocks inside the foam case (soon to be joined by the irony) and another t5, n12 and n5 in individual pouches

There’s no risk of the yoyos being bashed up or anything, but what is the best way to store yoyos to keep the bearing and metal from tarnishing/rusting etc?

I suppose that if i use a zip lock bag and there is already some moisture on the yoyo, this wont exactly help! Perhaps i can use some of that desiccant stuff? Is it perfectly fine (or even better?) to keep the yoyos in the foam case without the zip lock bags (this would make it much more likely that i would play with all of them, rather than just one of my t5 and n12s).

Put it in the foam with nothing on it. That is the best way.

Not going to lie, you need to chill out. I have had at least 30 yoyos at a time 8 out of 10 metals, and after 3 years only one rusted, and it was a 10 dollar plastic I used in the shower for 4 weeks, then it got crazy rusted. The only thing that could rust is the bearing/axle, and unless you take them in the shower you are fine. Honestly the only thing the ziploc is doing is giving it a chance of being scratched by the part you slide the plastic thing to close it. Even then you have a small chance.

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Just opened my first 5*v2, and noticed the bearing had seen better days…not rusted, just ugly dirty. Cleaned it up, it looks/plays better… will be replacing it though. Sad days, not a big deal as I got bearings laying around, I just like AIGR’s in my G-Yo’s, hehe. However, that’s about the extent of any problem you’ll run into. No damage to the actual yoyo itself. Granted, I didn’t do a thing to maintain it during the last couple years.

Funny enough though, after I did that, I took all my yoyo’s out of the case (wooden one with shelves and a see-through door) and wiped it down and blasted it with some compressed air. Compressed air is a yoyo’ers friend. It’s interesting how much dust can really screw with your bearings

Also, don’t think you need to, but if there’s a lot of moisture around, then yea desiccant would be a good idea. I know a lot of collectors of various hobbies have this stuff laying around. Probably don’t need to resort to this though, unless you plan on not playing it and letting it sit for a few years.

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Thanks - i’ll keep get rid of the ziplocks for all (if i can get myself to do it!).

That’s reassuring. I keep the case in my bedroom in the attic/loft. Should be alright without the desiccant i suppose.

I had a problem with washing my hands all the time and using antibacterial gel like crazy. I managed to get out of it a few years ago, but i’m seeing some similarities creep up with the yoyo storage thing…



To prevent a good deal of bearing tarnishing/rust, store your yoyos in a dry area with no string on them. If you have the string wound around the bearing, it traps in moisture and will cause the dark tarnishing I think you’re trying to avoid.
As far as keeping them safe though, I’ve just been using metals cases with foam for 2 years with no negative effects. Right now my case is a 4 drawer portable toolbox filled with foam. Holds about 50-60 throws, and I’ve never had a problem with damage from storage.

Honestly though, there’s no need to really be that crazy about keeping your throws pristine, unless you’re solely a collector. Dings from use are normal and should be expected. Some rust might happen. (I’ve never had a bearing crap out on me, and I’ve been running 40+ bearings dry for 2 years). Just relax and have fun with it. :slight_smile:

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ive left yoyos for 3 years in a box in the attic and they look and play exactly as I left them.

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You threw a yoyo in the shower?!?!

I would think a Ziploc bag would be MORE of a moisture risk.

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Yes, i’ve heard about the string thing and only keept the strings on the yos i regularly use nowadays.

. Right - out go the ziplocks!

Yeah, a kickside. Makes an awesome rooster tail if you walk the dog! Like psarks from Ti, but water and you can use a butterfly if you want

Lol too funny… I can picture a kickside in the ‘Soap Dish’

Since you have a foam case, how you handle your throws will be more important in keeping them pristine than how you store them. But yeah get them out of those plastic bags for sure.

Also, AIGRs just seem to tarnish easier than other bearing.

Got to try that sometime!

yeah, it was the first yoyo I ordered online, and I still have it. It is so rusted I cannot unscrew it, and the whole gap is a red/brown sea of rust.

Hey everyone, here’s a great tip if you’ve hadn’t already known:
Those little packets that says “do not eat” on them that you get when you buy sneakers sometimes…you can throw a few packs in your case so that it absorbs all moisture and oxygen. Works great, I use it for my ammo cans.

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