Would you cosider the Hectic any good?

Huh, Would you?

keep spinning


YES!!! Of course. :slight_smile: If theres a battle between the Large Bearing of the Small Bearing, well, I’d go with the Small Bearing. The Small Bearing has more stability and is easire to bind with low RPM. The Large Bearing is what I usually use on yoyos because its a little easier for me. And they say the Hectic has a solid feel rather than the DV888. (Not to bring that one in) The laser engravings are nice too. For whichever bearing size you choose, there are plenty of colors to go with it. (You can even change colors out!) :slight_smile:

I have tried one and I loved it, it is basicly an X-ConVict but metal. I might get one.

now i really want one! i love the x-convict, i think I’ll go with SB one

I want a large baring a bit more,but the small is awsome too. ;D

Of course its good! Its made by YoYoFactory after all 8)…

which do you think is overall best? ??? dv888 or hectic?


whick is better for thumb grinding? ???