dv888 SB vs. Frantic

(SR) #1

I’ve decided one of these is my next yo-yo. dv888 SB or Frantic. I’m leaning more towards the dv888 SB though. Or should I get the large bearing? But, I want your opinion.


SB DV888 is so nice… I’ve got a frantic too but like the Dv888 better.


I personally prefer large bearing’s, but I love both of these yoyos. The Dv888 is much more of a main player in my opinion. The Frantic is very unique and a lot of fun as well but not as well rounded as the Dv888 on the play.


Apply your preference in weight, shape, and size first. Then decide among bearings.

(SR) #5

Not to Small, Not to Big. Binds with ease, stable spin, long spin.