(marcusWsteadman) #1

Witch one sb or lb dv888. I play mainly 1A and love smooth yoyos.What is the difference between them?

(SR) #2

I prefer large bearing more. This is what YYE says about LB and SB dv888-

-Small bearings with a narrower gap allow for tight binds and a faster spinng yo-yo. This yo-yo rewards a more accurate yo-yo player.
-Large bearing is the more traditional gap width now and allows for more string layers overall. Generally more popular on the Dv888.

Both great choices though.

(marcusWsteadman) #3

Thanks sr!!! ;D ;D

(Eleazar) #4

I think their is another post on this from yesterday there were great replies in that one if you want to take a look. In my opion Large bearing.