Would you buy....


So i have a new string in development, should be around 4.00, softer than my jackrabbits whip more controlled ect… but here is the kicker… would you buy it if it only came in white? VOTE!




White is right.


That sounded TOTALLY WRONG!

But yes, I would buy it if it came only in white.


Do people buy Dragons? :wink: Reminds me. When I get some more $$$ I’ll have to order a few packs of string.


How does it stand vs. annihilators? They are so soft and bouncy, love em! The jackrabbits are… Meh… A tad above average.


I prefer neon yellow/neon green since it stands out and visually helps me land tricks or see where I’m messing up. But, if the string is decent, I’d be fine with it being white only.

On my various wood yoyos, anything other than white doesn’t seem like it would be proper.


Discriminating! What’s wrong with yellows, browns, and blacks?

Blacks get the facts.
Brown is the crown.
Yellow is mellow.

Personally, I wouldn’t buy it. It’s a common stereotype to the public to see a yoyo with a white string.


I use white string I find it to compliment my blue throws nicely ( I also use a lot of neon colors). But white strings do attract the stereotypical old thrower who thinks nothing good of modern throwing. I was yo-yoing at the elderly home down the street from my house and an elderly gentlemen started arguing with me about yo-yos, I didn’t mind but he kept plucking my sting while I threw. He told me that I was using the wrong string that cotton was much better and I explained how cotton is indeed good for some things but I like poly for its strong and slick qualities he kept arguing with me. I kept my cool but got kind of ticked cause he kept plucking the string and poking my chest and an older lady named Rebecca told him to leave me alone and that I could do way more tricks then he could ever dream of. I now I go every Tuesday to teach them how to throw (with a bunch of newton’s I saved up for and the ones that really like it I supply some yyj classics)and I just throw for the them and at the front is always Rebecca ( last Tuesday I made Rebecca a bracelet out of white and pink string and she loves it ).

I would buy white string not only because I like white but I haven’t gotten to try your string yet.


This is why I always carry a colored string with me (My current stock of Ammo and Type X is White)


Squaktopus13 said>>>
'But white strings do attract the stereotypical old thrower who thinks nothing good of modern throwing.
Ya know, for some reason, I have always wanted to use the word ‘preposterous’. < for literally years. But I guess I just never ran into a good use for it. Uh, until now, haha.

I made an exerted effort to think of any method of rational, even possibly a convoluted form of forced logic. Nothing doin.

Simply preposterous.

Funniest thing is that I am an ‘old thrower’.(62) and I also know a whole lot of ‘old throwers’. And I don’t know one that identifies white string as a direct motivation to ‘think nothing good of modern yoing’. Most of them seem thrilled that the skill toy lives on because they remember ‘way back when’ and they are still around to see how far yoing has progressed.

I think your isolated case of the elderly guy Ragging on you at the Home, does not constitute being used as a basis to generate a Statement that is more of an exception than anything else.

Sorry that I am not a big fan of pure fiction.




I would prefer a neon color, but yes. I would buy it if it was only white.


A widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing

You fail to see it as I’ve interpreted and you call it preposterous? The message I convey is different to Squactopus13’s. All I’m saying is, if I go to public and people watch me yoyo, they’ve always wondered why my strings are not white. Any person who isn’t aware of modern yoyo-ing will always have an image of a yoyo, most likely not a butterfly(another stereotype breaker), connected to a white string. That’s it, nothing more to it.


Edit: My bad, I thought it was directed to me.


Nah, ya don’t say? Well at least you figured that out. (:wink:


Wow 14 posts overnight! Guess I’m making them, plus i know that half of my team will kill me if I don’t. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: