White yoyo string.

I’ve been yoyoing for about… Eight years now, I think. Which is crazy for me to think about. In those eight years, I have not once ordered a bundle of white strings. I’ve had blue, purple, yellow, black, orange, and others I can’t remember.

Recently I decided to purchase some white strings, and it made realize that there is a lot to be said for simplicity. It feels different for some reason, I’m not entirely sure why but it’s a good feeling. I suppose I made this post just to say that it’s nice to appreciate the simplicity of some things.

Maybe someone else will take something away from this. Just a thought. Thanks for reading.

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White string makes me happy.

It’s just so clean… :slight_smile:

i made the switch to white string about 6 months ago im never going back

Visibility is good both to the naked eye and on video. It goes just fine with yoyos of any colours. It just works.


I have a dream my friends, I dream for a day when white string and black string, yellow and red will all one day be free to spin together, where all yoyos will not be judged by the color of their string but by the content of the combos.

I have a dream…


Not for very long though :stuck_out_tongue:

I ordered some white YYSL strings once. Didn’t care for them. I’ll stick with neon yellow.


Toxic dragon strings are my favorite strings and only come in white

It feels more natural. I cant describe it.

I’ve never really cared for it. I tried the Dragons and didn’t care for them too much. Maybe it was the string. It gets dirty pretty fast. I might try some YYE white poly though.

White, is all right.

I love how white string is so clean and crisp.

well apparently dye affects the play of strings. Thats why you dont see dragon string in colors. That may explain why it feels different.

I prefer neon yellow, but white is my second choice. I feel like the dyed YYE bulk poly lasts a little longer without fraying compared to the white, but that could just be my imagination.

I bought 100% poly white YYE string and I hate it. No offense. I think something to do with the dyes used helps make the colored strings better. It doesn’t stay twisted together very well, it doesn’t hold tension very well, it doesn’t last very long. I can accept it gets and looks dirty fast though, but the rest is too much of a downer. It’s too bad, because I like to have white in my raw throws like my Decapod, Wet Whistle, Corli Prototype and others.

Doesn’t matter to me anyways. I will never order that again. Instead, I prefer the YYE 100% poly neon green. I also have yellow neon and orange neon. I’m perfectly fine with those “blends” as well.

Now, the 100-count YYE Slick6 in white, while not “bright white”, that I have no issue with. That works fine.

My experience with 100% cotton white is very limited. I got this blue and black YYE bulk string. Seems OK.

Ive never seen you…say…anything negative…about…anything…ever… ??? :o… lol

I’ve said a few negative things before.

If you think that’s bad, you should see the 50-page post show bug reports I submit to the vendor who makes the lighting software I use. I have to pad it up with pictures and lots of memory dumps, scopes and other data.

the only thing that sucks about whit string is that it starts to look dirty after a couple of days, i love the neon green string on my 888

White string is smoother.

White string is always great, it’s a classic color and it stands out a bit!