Strung out on string color. Input requested

Getting an order together. But, there may be a slight issue. Very tiny.

I’ve got bulk cotton strings. Blue/black.
I’ve got bulk Slick6. White.
I’m gonna order some 100% poly. I’m choosing white right now, not because of price(even though it is $2 cheaper), but because I tend to go plain. I like simple.

Sure, I could just use what I have, and I will, but I also have two kids who are yoyoing so the string won’t go to waste regardless.

Now, most of my yoyos are blue. I have some inexpensive metals, featuring the raw type of finish except for my Aoda Little Guy, which is black. I do have a white FH2.

In my order that I’m putting together, I’ve chosen some white yoyos as well. There is also a black metal and one that looks chrome.

I want solid color and relatively high contrast. Not for other people’s benefit, but for my benefit. The high contrast helps me keep my eyes where they need to be. I don’t go out performing, but I am teaching and showing my kids while I myself am also learning.

The difference of $2($2 more for color over white) is no big deal.

Just like to know why for a color.

Thanks! Please stick with what’s available here for now.

I have a lot of orange strings, and they contrast pretty well. but after about a month or 2 I got pretty sick of orange string.Yellow contrasts pretty well too, but it can also get kind of boring considering yyf ships it out with all their stuff.
As of lately I’ve started liking blue string, but it blends in with my house pretty well, so it’s kind of annoying.
But my favourite string colour is definitely pink.

i dont think that colored string is ‘better’ than white string. ive played with many different colors and i cant tell much of a difference. But one thing about colored is it looks wayyy cooler. Especially if your showing off tricks to someone else. white can be a little hard to see sometimes

another cool thing about colored string (mainly orange and green) is that it glows in a blacklight. so you can make epic videos and its just something new and fun to do with yoyos

This is just for my own usage. I just want to be able to tell at a glance when it’s time to change strings what I’m using. My kids get into my case all the time and mess stuff up, which frustrates me to no end. Short of a lock on the case, there’s not a whole lot I can do to stop them.

So I know white or whatever color will perform the same. Just really wondering what color would go well with what I’m using, considering the majority of what I’m using is blue.

I also have no plans to make videos. Not something I have any plans for now or in the future. I’m also not planning to compete ever either.

I am waiting for a check from a slow-paying client to come in so I can complete the order. I’ll have until then to decide. And until then, I think yellow might be taking the lead.

You just made a reason why it would rather be better to have colored than white.

@OP: Yellow, is fine well sir. Very bright and contrasts with most colors. Also very appearing anywhere.

Neon green highlights. That’s what I use. They will contrast with ANYTHING. Because you don’t only have your yoyo to worry about, you also have walls and carpet. Neon green will certainly do the trick.

aye. this
I have a grayish blue carpet and a dark blue couch. blue string is horrible, especially when I’m trying to 4a.

Too bad there isn’t a “yoyo to string” Java applet. Pick your yoyo and color, then pick your string and it shows you what the string looks like wrapped and hanging off your throw. But that would be difficult to maintain with all the new stuff coming out.

Not a big fan of neon green, but I won’t rule it out. Seems a little less “bright” than Yellow, but still stands out nicely. Might order a small quantity and see how it grows on me.

My friends PGM came with a neon green, and it seriously glows. If you play outside, it still is bright enough to see, but neon yellow is like brighter than that 500volt LED light of yours.

Neon green, make it highlights, kitty, Gstring etc… best color for sight, followed by yellow and orange

and for some reason, neon green works great with almost any other color on the yoyo itself

My brightest LED fixture is only 37 watts draw at 120v. It outclasses a 15-watt Par38, but pales compared to a real Par64. The Par64 LED lights I’m looking at(Elation Opti Tri Par) draw around 75 watts and compete nicely with normal 500-watt Par64’s.

Neon green, neon yellow… Interesting. Seems I’m narrowing in on something. Leaning towards the neon green now.

Lol. :smiley:

Hey, picking out mics is easy. You’d think picking out something like yoyo string would be easy. No, I gotta deal with color issues.

A mic is what it is! My pair of AKG C1000s are of different runs and different colors! I can’t use them as an overhead pair as a result.

No no, I was laughing at that “My brightest LED fixture is only 37 watts draw at 120v. It outclasses a 15-watt Par38, but pales compared to a real Par64. The Par64 LED lights I’m looking at(Elation Opti Tri Par) draw around 75 watts and compete nicely with normal 500-watt Par64’s.”

Maybe you can get a few different colored string and switch off every time you change string.

Nice idea of the different colors. But, last thing I need is a decision of color come string replacement time. I sorta like to have some of the decision made for me.

My AODA little Guy has a green string on it. I’m seeing how it looks against the rest of the collection. It is wearing from play on the Little Guy, but will hold up for now so I can see how it looks on everything.

The Par64 LED UV can is only 23 watts!

Just wanted to inject that since I forgot to mention it before.