Would you buy YYF plastic boxes?


With the Ricochet, Supernova and a few others YYF stepped away from their usual cardboard box and used a plastic display case, what’s cool about it is they can be snapped together and also can be wall mounted making for really good displays.

Would you buy the boxes separately if you could, to display your YYFs (or other throws)?


for multiple practical reasons these type of plastic boxes are just great. remind me of a mini lunchbox.

I like them and have found like boxes at different stores. to be able to buy some you know would work well in quantity, yes I would.



I wouldn’t personally buy them for their modular nature. I might be tempted to buy one or two for special yoyos to display alongside their box. But for a collection display, they’re too big per-yoyo and not QUITE “nice” enough to make a fancy display.

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If they came with the yoyo I’d use them. I wouldn’t buy them separately.


I wish no yoyos came with boxes. Besides YYR and CLYW (the only decent looking ones), I hate them all.

If no yoyo companies had boxes, then I wouldn’t be bombarded with PMs asking, “Does it come with the box?”


I think with a few minor changes, the boxes would do fine sold separately. For example, if you put a little dent at the top of the handle, it can double as a yo-yo stand. In that way, it might compete with other yo-yo stands, and also double as storage for small items, and yo-yos. I’ll post a photo below of what that might look like. If the box were marketed as both, it could compete with storage containers, and also compete with any other table top yo-yo stand. It would be different, but those looking for an item that does both, and the fact that they lock together, might give it a better chance sold separately.

But, as it stands now, I think it is great multi-use, long term, low cost storage/display for people who own multiple YoyoFactory throws. I already own about 8 of them, just by keeping up with YoyoFactory products. I am not using them for display at this time, because I don’t really display yo-yos at home. Unless it is marketed differently, I think sold with the throw is best, and certainly a nice feature for buyers.

I am a fan of the packaging, and multi-purpose hard cases are always great. I tend to favor canisters like what Horizon is packaged in, or Superwide. So, the hard case, even more durable, was a step up, and a pleasant surprise for me.

ProtostarStand by The TotalArtist, on Flickr


Knowing your collection, this makes me sad…all of that beauty, languishing in cases foam-lined poker chip cases :wink:


The funny thing is, my favorite form of display has always been photographs. I think that’s the best way to share the look of my collection. That display reaches far more people than I allow to walk into my home. Photos don’t take up any space on the floor or on the wall. They are all just media files. I would need tons of YYF boxes, just for my YYF collection, so it wouldn’t be cost effective for someone like me. Even the foam-lined cases, pulling them out of the closet, and opening and closing to look at yo-yos gets old. Now, when I want to review what I have, I refer to a list and collection photos…super easy. :wink: