Would anyone buy Tervis?

I was thinking about making custom tervis’s and selling them.

Of course with all the permission and so and so.

I mean custom ones like a Yoyojam one or a CLYW one etc.

Maybe I can team up with Andre to sell Yoyoexpert Tervis’s here?

Idk, just thought about it today when my mom got a Custom Tervis in the mail.

Um…what is a tervis?


Insulated tumblers (glasses)

Oh lol. Ok. If the post said a tumbler, I would have automatically known what it was. But anywho, I think it would be cool to have a custom tumbler. However, I think I would rather customize it myself rather than purchasing it from someone else.

I think it would be more beneficial for the yoyo companies to make deals with Tervis directly and then market the product themselves.

Otherwise, just seems a waste of time and effort to me. Would I buy one? Not unless it had my logo on it, and if I wanted to go that route, I’d contact themselves to see what it would cost to get a quantity done. Odds are nobody would want to buy one with my logo on it, so it would be for crew and my use only.

I still dont get what a Tervis is…

One of these cups (For drinking Liquid refreshments) :


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More like thi>

Only pic I could find with the top… http://www.casualliving.com/photo/400/400520-Tervis_Hello_Kitty_collection.jpg

OH, a sippy cup!! :wink:

Just kidding. That’s not a sippy cup.

But I sure never heard of a Tervis before today!

I hate to be that guy, but what exactly does insulated plastic drinkware have to do with yoyoing?

Perhaps a tervis with yoyo logos on em.

I just put yoyo stickers on my coffee tumblr…

lol… thread killer


And we’re done here now…


A cup?

Hey man thanks for that, but you just wasted my time with that cutesy graphic when you could have just typed “glorified cup.”

Not a good idea. You can find blank ones at a $5 below that you can customize yourself. You print whatever you want on the piece of paper and insert it.

Those cups are great though, I have one and it keeps stuff cold and no sweat.