Worth of B-Grades?


How much do B-Grades sell for? Specifically the YYF ones? I always thought they sold for $20-40, but I see B-Grades on the BST and the seller says,

“I’m taking $80 at the lowest, they’re just ano flaws, go away $40 offers”.

Isn’t that some pretty serious scalping? Although I’ve never been to a contest where they sold B-Grades, so for all I know they could be $100.

I messaged a person about their price (BST negotiation) and they said, “Well you actually have to drive out to the contest”, so are people who post high prices trying to get me to pay for their gas?


They used to sell them at Worlds for $25. Probably the same at other contests.

I don’t know about the more recent stuff though. 7075 and all that.


Yeah I’m talking about older stuff (old Superstar, Catalyst, AG1). So is $80+ a high asking price/scalping?


You can find those models in A+ grade for that much.

(kclejeune) #5

Don’t pay more than $50 for a mint B grade.


I paid $40 for a B-grade Mutan DNA. Tiny ano flaws. Super steal! SMOOTH playing!

I paid $25 for my son to get a B-grade dv888. Excellent value!! Touch of vibe I tuned out and some tiny ano issues that I don’t care about and didn’t look bad.

The guy is right, you gotta go to events to get B-grade YYFs assuming they are selling any. At Nationals, I will be looking for some B-grades of a few models. What those models will be, I don’t know. I know what I’m not interested in. They are also marked B-grade. Fine with me. I can enjoy a $130 yoyo just as much at $130 as I can at $40.

Even so, don’t get ripped. $50 including shipping in that number is the highest you should go.

(SR) #7

I’ve gotten B-grades direct for $20. You’re being ripped off if you’re paying $80. That’s very unusual and whoever is doing it should probably stop.


I will say I would never have normally gotten a Mutant DNA. That B-grade was too good to pass up.

I love heavy, slow moving yoyos. Man, I likes me this Mutant DNA a LOT. To me, if I had known THEN what I knew now, I’d have paid full retail for it! Marked as a B-grade for tiny ano flaws!

I thank YYF for making such fantastic deals available to the general public.