discount at worlds?

(G5 Warrior) #1

do they have yoyos for cheaper at worlds because your not buying them online.


well if a yoyo online cost 60 dollars you have to pay shipping but at contest i think its just the regular price

(Jei Cheetah) #3

Sometimes they have discounted yoyos that they would not have online.
When these happen, everyone grabs em.

But usually, its just the same price, but no shipping charge.



Josh speaks the truth :slight_smile:
You basically save money by not spending money on shipping. ;D

(JonasK) #5

YYF will be selling a lot of B-grades for $50.


can i see a pic of the B-grades

(G5 Warrior) #7

ok thanks guys


All I can find is the BAC B-Grade 888.

(SR) #9

Yeah! B-Grades are awesome! I got the best one they had, for cheap!


What exactly does B-Grade mean? A=mint condition? B=Good? C=Mediocre?

(SR) #11



Yep. Meaning there might be some “aesthetic flaws” in the annodizing or metal itself.


Here guys:
Bgrade is just like anno flaws and the cosmetic imperfections that you might see on the yoyo. However, each of them should be still YYF grade smooth…If you need a beater, there you go!

Here is another pic:


I was just about to post that. I saw that on the countdown site.


Cool!. Glad we thought the same :slight_smile:

(Jesse) #16

I REALLY wish I could get somebody to buy me one of those B-Grades at worlds and then I could get it off of them for $50…


will they sell it on a website? and how much would it cost?


YYF usually does not sell Bgrades on their websites.
However, you could pick these up at contests or at BST threads on various yoyo forums.

Usually costs $50 for all bgrades.
May be different.


lol, i just thought of a B-Grade Catch22.

But I don’t see why people think buying yoyos online will be more expensive, it will be less expensive actually, but at contests you can get some great deals, Ben sold a brand new Dv888 to my brother for $50 instead of $60.

Just get to know them, and they might give you discounts.