Where to Buy B grade yo-yos

I’m looking to buy some B grades because they’re cheap, but where do companies usually sell their B grade yo-yos? I know CLYW sells them to this online store called b grade yoyo store but where do other companies sell them? Or do they just throw them out?

B grade yoyos tend to be sold at contests

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I’ll sell you some for above retail if you want them bad enough.

Email them.

If you hurry YYF has a KICKSTARTER where they sell ALOT of bgrades and protos

There is a site that only sell b-grades, more onftenly some clyw.


Oh, it’s called BillyBob’s Bait n’ Tackle! That’s what this forum says when someone posts a link to where you can buy them! They have bait, yoyos, string, fishing line, all you could want!

You can buy B grades a lot of places. But, because they are B grades, you have to be looking, and catch them at the right time.

  1. The buy sell trade has B grades. Sometimes we bought them as A grades, and turn them into a B grade, then pass them on to you. :slight_smile: That’s sort of an unofficial B grade. But you can find factory B grades in there too.

  2. Contests. I see them at the YoyoExpert table sometimes. They are always a good deal.

  3. YoyoExpert. There are some Benchmark 2014 YYE Splashes listed as NQP, for several dollars off. I see B grades in the store often enough.

  4. Manufacturer direct. If you contact them, you never know what they might have lying around that they’re willing to sell. They’re in the business of selling yo-yos, so it doesn’t hurt to ask.

  5. There is a site geared toward selling just that, but it’s a store, so I won’t link it here. Try Google.

  6. Auction sites. I’ve seen them on there too, while browsing around.

Basically, they are all over the place, but whether you find something good depends on what you’re looking for, and how much you are willing to spend. Some the key words for various B grades are CLYW (Fool’s Gold), One Drop (NQP), General Yo (Comp Grade, + Grade, B grade).

Good luck.

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To add to what totalartist said. A lot of japanese manufacturers refer to them as outlet models and yyr refers to them as A- grade from what I remember.

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Because nothing from Japan can be below an A

It’s the truth. I’m Asian and I can certify that myself

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Can someone posts link to the yoyofactory kickstarter or is that against rules. I cant seem to find it

It’s an indiegogo.

Ohhhh. Thanks