Is there any way to get b-grade yoyos from companies?



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Please don’t link other stores.

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If it’s a smaller company you might have some luck just contacting them through email.


General yo generally ha B grades at competition don’t they? And a one drop does some times


Best way is contact the manufacturer directly

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The only place to really find B-Grades is at competitions. Go to them.


Clyw and spyy sell them on their own site


"Do not refer to or post links to any on-line store that sells yoyo’s. If you feel that someone needs this link or someone is asking for it please PM them the link. "

Doesn’t matter if they don’t sell it.

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otay then.


I’ve seen a few manufacturers sell A- and B grades directly from their websites. Notably: Yoyorecreation (who still is) and Sturm Panzer (who ran out, but probably will in the future).

Or just email the manufacturers and ask. Most sites’ customer service people are very friendly and accommodating and if they have extra B grades they’d likely have no problem selling them to you at a significant discount. Yoyorecreation sometimes takes forever to respond or doesn’t at all but most of the shops respond within a day or two.