B Grade Yoyos

Where or how do you get b grade yoyos? If I buy yoyos straight from the store they are too expensive but b grade are in my price range.

You can only get b grades at contests

some sites sold them but not sure if they still do. You can also call companies and see if they’ll sell you one. I know I will.

CLYW sell’s them… although they’re called Fool’s Gold, I think… (or is that their yoyo??)

How do you get one from them?

They have a website that has a contact us button on it. Click that and ask them.

False. Sometimes they sell them here at yye and yyn always has them.

B Grade yo-yos are mostly found at Contests but some companies sell them at stores due to a special event (Like BAC) and think they should celebrate by selling them online. CLYW is the only company that sells their B-Grades (or Fool’s Gold) directly from their store. You can try contacting companies to see if you can buy some B-Grades via email or by phone order.

I just looked at yoyonation and I cant find where they have their b grade yoyos

Ichtus what is your company’s website?

Not for sure, but I think it’s:

tried the link but it didnt work LOL

I got a b grade lunatic at the bac

Haha thanks for the help Q. I was just curious if he had an official website I could look at

Not yet ready for a site. You can see my yoyo on yoyowiki.