Catalyst Offer? (Please Read If You're Going to Nationals! Please?)


Do they make B-Grade ones? If so, are they pretty cheap? And would anyone consider picking up a B-Grade and trading it to me or something? I’m pretty desperate right now. If so, could you try to pick out one in a cool colorway and one with not too much vibe? Any type of Catalyst would be fine, although I doubt there would be any 7075 or hubstacked there as B-Grades… I have a SPYY Supra, C3 Halo and other things to trade… Check out my BST and PM me/reply if interested. I am interested in normal ones, too so if you have one to trade, I would try to negociate. Finally, if nobody does the Catalyst thing, would you consider picking up a Classic, Asteroid and Speedmaker or ONE-Star (if they have them) for a Near Mint w/box C3 Halo? Just wondering. Thank you for your time.


Only way to find out what B-Grades YYF is bringing is to be there, or work with someone who IS going to be there.

YYF doesn’t make B-grades as an intentional product. It’s typically rejects due to bad anodizing or very small performance issues that aren’t able to merit the yoyo as an A-grade. Rather that “recycle”, they mark them as B-grades and sell them at a song. $50 for a Mutant DNA? I’m so glad theroybit got me one, I really like this a LOT.

I’m approaching buying from the perspective of “I know what it sells for NEW, and what my target price is” and then see what I can do. I’m not above haggling, but if they won’t budge, I know my limitations. I can buy or I can walk away. At BAC, I offered them $100 for a Next Level but YYJ wouldn’t budge on the $124 for it. I didn’t feel like spending $124 then, so I walked that time. I did buy a Fiesta XX and a Chaster for my kids though, no issue with those prices.