LF/WTB: B-Grades and Beaters. Also looking for specific throws. Look inside.

I prefer yoyos that are B-Grade for anno flaws, but a little vibe is perfectly OK.

For the beaters, I don’t care about the damage, as long as it still plays like new, or very close to new.

Update: Not looking for B-Grades or beaters as much, but feel free to offer. Seriously, please do. Merry Christmas.

Specific List
Majesty by General-Yo
Glitter and Alpha Crash by c3yoyodesign
Al5 by 3yo3
PSG by Adegle.

I’ve got a green CLYW Campfire, a little notched around the edges but same quality I got it in. Pics are in my old thread: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,45343.0.html

I’ve also got a B-grade Kyo DNS (Do Not Stack) black/red I’d definitely be willing to part with.

Got a BEAUTIFUL transparent 3yo3 Cosmo, perfectly smooth transparent acrylic (you should see how it heliographs in the sun), tiny tiny mark on the innermost edge of the rim the size of an eyelash that I believe is a molding error from the factory.

All are, with my limited ability, minty smooth. Pictures for the last two if interested. Looking for cash or to upgrade to a Chief or a Sasquatch depending on colorway and deal :smiley: