What is that?

It means a little vibe/ flawless.

Happy Throwing! =]

usaually a yoyo with anodization flaws or vibe or both

Thank you guys.

1.) I’ve seen YYF B-Grades, Where can i Buy them? I mean those 50$ only.

2.) Is possible? Speeder + KK = Super Dead Unresponsive Yo-yo, But has tight Binds With the Hybrid Response System?

Contests are the only place to get them, B/S/Ts have them sometimes too.


1: Sold out in all stores.

2: Speeder + KK = Fine unresponsive yoyo, so yes.

Happy Throwing! =]

Stock Speeder with broken in bearing = Super dead unresponsive. Tight binds.

Bout the KK, How will apply Thin Lube in it?, I use a needle, then put a drop in the point of the needle or I’ll just sink the needle in the Thin lube of course the needle will be wet because of the thin oil then touch with the balls?

I mean a Tiny Drop or just an atom of an oil? :smiley:

Drop a drop of thin lube on the needle.

Go to your profile, or the left corner, you should see a link that says “Account Related Settings”. Click that, the first thing you see is the an option to change your username, change it to what you want it to be. Then type in your current password and click “change Profile” on the bottom left corner.

For that, I would recommend getting a silicone pad or flowable in the o-ring side. Also, you really don’t need that kk. I have my stock in there and it is completely dead.

How bout the Spin Time?, How long is it with Stock?

You have been on this forum long enough to know that spin times depend on your throw.

spin time dont matter

A YoYoFactory B-Grade product means that it has minor annodization flaws, or a slight vibe. It might not have the product logo on it, and might have a seal saying it is a YYF B-grade product. Evrything else it the same. Play, feel, everything.

I have a B-Grade 2010 888, it has a minor anno flaw on one side, but everything else is the same.

i want that

They aren’t sold in online stores, you have to go to a contest to get them.

the reg. 2010 888 was for try at Worlds.

Koolio, did you get to try one?

how much? ;D