Worlds specials?

Last year around worlds there was the mystery box. Is there going to be anything special this year or is that what the wristband thing is for?

I don’t know, I sure hope so!

Lol I think this means yes

Gosh dang, I was thinking I could save some money for a while… But I am a sucker for a mystery box… :wink:

Saw that one coming…

Crud, there goes my paycheck…thx guys…:wink:

People who can’t control themselves and not spend their money just because their is a special offer are in for some serious trouble later in life.

I bet you I know what this yoyo is!

Thing is this will be my first mystery box and I can control it, in this case I am simply choosing not to!

It actually looks like it might be a bimetal, look at the bottom right of the photo

It’s not, it’s a monometal

Don’t me wrong, I am a fan of YYF, but…
How about all of the other manufactures? I am sure they have commemorative throws. Why can’t those throws be offered to of us who can not afford to travel to Worlds?

When will this be released? When world’s starts?

Eying that YYF Mystery photo, it kind of looks like a Shutter.

I personally don’t see that… Then again, no contacts in today so what can I see

The post that you replied to and your keyboard! :wink:

True :wink:

Well, how do you know so much about this? What is the price range going to be?