Mystery box


Does anyone know if there is going to be another Yoyofactory mystery box for black friday and if so around what price.


Chances : High

Price : not determined yet, currently leaning towards TWO different boxes at TWO different prices.


Ok, thanks I’ll have to get one when they come out. :slight_smile:


Does this happen on YYF’s website?


Happened at this website/store before.


If it happens this should be interesting what’s in them


Exclusive to YoYoExpert!


That’s an awesome idea! Any idea what the price levels would be? like 85 for the cheaper one and 110 for the more expensive one?


I myself am hoping for $45 for the cheap one seeing as how I’m a 13 year old with a budget.


I think it was 45 last time and you got a metal and a plastic. I think


sounds awesome.


I hope it’s cheap cause I can’t afford expensive yoyos lik over 100 bucks

(Nautilus) #13

give us a super g lol


Ben, any such plans for the European stores? :\


WOOT! I missed last two mystery boxes, due to overflow…Hope to get one this year! SO HAPPY!!!


I’ve been more than happy with them the last few years. Keep it up Ben!


a $50ish mystery box would be legit!


OH YEAH, definitely!


Woot! I just got a yoyoexpert gift card!