YYf Mystery Box?


Is YYE doing this for Black Friday, and also how much did/will it cost?


Yes, $40 for the pack, which includes over $100 in stuff. No B-Grades either.


Are they all pretty high end stuff?


For yoyos, I’d expect like a g funk or nova, or something similar, and maybe a starlite… Then accessories like a bunch of cool stickers, extra strings, yoyo holsters and maybe a signed poster or something


Look at the unboxings on youtube.
Looks like most of them came with a glow in the dark die-nasty and came with a cheap metal. The total worth of what’s inside the box seems to always be more than the 40 dollar cost of the box.


that was last years box im totally getting one this year


So are they avaliable at like midnight or something on Friday? This looks like my kind of deal hahaha.


Looks like Midnight on the 24th (Thrusday).