worlds on T.V.???

im not sure if they have worlds on tv but i dont think so.
so im wondering if we could find a way to get it on tv any ideas?

Its been done. But we have a live webcast for worlds, so we really don’t need it on T.V.

o thats cool where?

If we could get TV to cover the finals, it would be SOO much more clear.

think we could have the big yoyo companies to chip in some money and we could all chip in too

Not gonna happen unless its a local network in Florida. Eventually maybe but not anytime soo. Reason is most show’s last an hour. Worlds lasts three or four days!

The X-Games is several days long… Why not worlds?

There was a tv program over the 07 worlds. It was called The Best **** Yo-yo competion ;D

The X-Games many sponsors help with the TV production costs.

The real key is larger sponsors and more interest in the sport - and it will continue to happen more and more over time.

Yo-Yoing is such a new unrealized sport by many. It has evolved more in the past 5-10 years than any sport I can think of and it takes time for these things to come together and get to the next level.

For now you can always watch the live stream from the contest though which can be very entertaining!

I agree. I mean even the announcers on the show were getting into and talking about the bios of Hiroukey and Yuuki and others. ;D

What s the website?

yah i was watching the end of that i saw it on. then i recorded it for in upcoming time and it was something else and the show was never on again. but it was like 4 months ago

Yes there was and they aired it over a year later.

I never said it wouldn’t happen. Honestly I think if billiards and skeet shooting can be on tv then we are a shoe in!

Whats the website!!! lol even if it was on tv, theres no way it would get broadcasted on british tv! British broadcasting companies/ public are to interested in football, F1 etc! shame! so ill have to stick to the webcast!

It’s only broadcast during worlds. The link was on the worlds site I believe.

Not to mention it would be more exposure for yoyoing as a sport.

Some guy/girl is bored one saturday, turns on the TV and goes, “Woah! I’ve got to try that!”

They run to computer, buy and dark magic, and start learning how to bind.

It gets the world of yo-yoing out there for people, who otherwise never would have known what yo-yo’s are capable of nowadays.

could we maybe get enough money to have a comertial and show some really sick tricks to get people interested?

hmmmm… where we gonna get the money from? :-\

us & some other companies that are interested in helping.then list them at the end.