Worlds Question


Hello! I just have a quick question about Worlds. I understand that it takes place at the Rozen Plaza Hotel. Does this mean that you have to be a guest at the Hotel to attend? Or can anyone come in as a visitor and attend?


No. Anyone can attend. but you’ll have to pay to get in.


Okay, Thank you very much! :slight_smile:




is it on tv and if so what channel?

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I highly doubt it will be on TV across the nation. Maybe a few local news channels will do a segment. I would be suprised if NBC or another huge news company put up a segment on it.


What about ESPN? It has been before.


then where could i go to watch it other than going to Florida, youtube?


In the past their has been a live web broadcast from the event, not sure where to find it though.

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Oh cool, then I’ll watch. I didn’t know that.


I just subscribe to “yama18yoyo” and “meli391”?


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The live webcast will be announced some time. If I see it I will post it here in a new thread.


I really think that they will (the both of them) will go in “Video” the WYYC 09. :smiley: