yoyos R they on the Tv

does anyone know if yoyo events or contests are ever shown on TV

a while ago grant johnson made an interview on youtube that appeared on the news,let me find it

ooooh :o

Here are some!





News! Our local news guy walked the dog with an antiyo! ON PAVEMENT!

And Cal states 05!

There are more, but this should keep you busy for a bit.



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LOTS OF VIDEOS O.o i really enjoyed the last 1

i thought that ESPN covered Worlds…do they not anymore…?

omg…that poor anti yo :frowning:

They did it once. It got removed due to copyright violations, or something. I tried looking for it a while back, but I couldn’t find it.

If anyone does, I will be forever grateful.

i remember my friends sed they were watching a yoyo champ i was like i wnna see it was like a last year

dang i had been all excited about watcing worlds on TV this year…since i know i cant go, dang this sucks…

You can watch it online. If you check Worlds website (http://www.worldyoyocontest.com/2009worlds/index.html) and under a box that is titled “News” you will see something that says: Worlds 2009 Live
More Updates Coming Soon.

thx ;D

man some of those shows are crazy

A friend of mine told me he saw a yoyo comp on TV about 2 months ago but I dont know which it was or which channel.

Time Warp maybe? That’s the most recent thing that came to mind first. John Higby was starred on Time Warp on the Discovery Channel.

Yeah, I can’t find that video. But this thread is done.

No,I forgot this:

Zomg was that grant from YYJ pn there