what channel?

i heard that yoyo compotitions get brodcasted on tv, so i was wondering what channel it comes on at, so you know, i have cable.

There aren’t too many yoyo contests on television.

And they are probably not going to be on a specific channel, either.

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well I’ve never seen anything. if you want to see a contest you’ll probably have to go to one. Its not exactly Americas pastime so its not going to show up on sportscenter…

EDIT: look around online poke around your state website for details. I was recently in maine when there was a contest… sadly i missed it by a few days

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If you check the ESPN archives you can find some stuff from worlds 07 and 08.

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great! thank ya’ll. i wish there would be one in mississippi.

Fox Sports Network has actually had a yoyo contest on TV, but they renamed it the Best Damn Yo-yo competition. I’m not sure if it was a one time thing or not.

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I’ve seen one or two on T.V. on ESPN, but that was at the wee hours of the morning and I don’t think it happens much. Generally if you want to watch a competition, your only options are watch it over the internet live (if they have it set up for that) or watch the video of it afterwards. Or your third option is to just go to it.

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Im the city right to where the 09 yoyo world was held. I found that out 3 DAYS TO LATE.

that most have awful. if that happend to me, i would have been in shock for a week knowing i missed it.
By the way, thank ya’ll!