A Yo-yo channel on TV!

Just an Idea. It seem like the media is starting to run out of ideas, so why not a yo-yo TV channel? hat way you can be up-to-date on all of your yo-yo needs! You could have shows like “Behind the scenes at the Nationals” or live showings of contests. Commercials for teams and stores could also fill up this channel. It’d be the only thing I’d watch on TV.

If Oprah Winfrey can’t even get stable network, a yoyo network would fail completely.

It would be REALLY nice, but it’s never going to happen. There’s not even a dedicated network for some things that you think would have a dedicated network for.

Also are you having like a contest to see who can post the most topics in a day lol

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Pretty much. I left for a year and am trying to make up for lost time!

Also, this thread is a joke. I obviously know it’s not going to happen. I’m just trying to make conversation.

Although it would be possible to have a yoyo show.

this is the greatest idea that I’ve heard in a while, it legitimately makes me sad to know that this won’t ever happen :confused:

Whatever floats your boat I guess. lol

Hiroyuki has been on japanese TV many times!

We just need major contests televised. I was thinking Worlds, Nats, and all the regional ones. States could film the state contests if they want.

I’m pretty sure that there is a yoyo show in Hong Kong or Japan… One of the two.

Yep. “Hyper Yo-yo”

There was a show called string burn live that did reviews and giveaways every week. There are podcasts of it now

Although, as VinegarEel admitted, a channel isn’t a realistic idea, I think national coverage of Nats and Worlds are. Our sport is long overdue the respect and attention it deserves. I see motocross and skate boarding on Saturday afternoon television all the time so why not the yoyo aficionado. The yoyo is a no longer a child’s toy confined to playgrounds and backyards. It is an sports apparatus which requires expert proficiency and precision to master and maneuver. I don’t find it at all unreasonable to think coverage of yoyoing events is worthy of national television coverage. I wonder if a comprehensive presentation has ever been brought before any cable sports networks in promotion of the idea?

I completely agree. Someone needs to pitch this idea to a sports network.

I think ESPN covered wyyc 2007

They should do that more.

YES! rather than having a yoyo channel, espn should cover more yoyo contests. not just worlds, eyyc, nats, BAC, triple crown, etc.!!

Well I guess that’s something…but 2007. Olympic Gold Medalist in gymnastics Gabby Douglas was 11 years old in 2007. Who was competing in 2007? There are certainly competitors out there today who weren’t competing 5 years ago who deserve recognition. We want more.

We want RESPECT!

Maybe we need more specialized equipment so others will see we’re legit. A special kind of shoe for yoyoing. Every sport has their own shoe. Or a mouth guard. They’ll all know this is a major sport if we have to wear mouth guards. Guys, make sure you have your cup…those fast flying throws can make a falsetto out of ya if your not wearing proper protection.

Or maybe a special yoyo stage

Wasn’t technically the kind of show that OP was talking about. SBL was online show they did weekly, and a pretty good one at that. I would wake up early on Saturdays just to watch it (and participate in the yoyo giveaways)