Worlds: i want a new throw


hey guys!
im going to worlds and i want a new throw. im getting the rally, and i want another great throw. id prefer all plastic or all metal i would have around 50-75 dollars. full sized and speedy. thank you! you guys havent let me down yet!


There will be many yoyos to choose from, whether it be from a vendor or individual.


id say get a chik, but thats $85… you can get a B-grade yoyo (its way cheaper, and a little little tiny bit worse)you can get a superstar if you spend $5 more. i dont really know, i just think a b grade wou;d be a safe bet.


You would like the Yeti my friend!!

Other than that for what you have maybe pick up a nice used CLYW or One Drop (I know your tastes)


Can’t wait to pick up my yeti and summit at worlds


I don’t understand how a person can give a price point and you constantly proceed to mention something of greater value

Anyways I’d say that you should just sample all the yoyos once you get there. Normally people will sell stuff cheaper on the last day of the contest since they’re competing with everyone else ot sell their stuff to help cover their expenses but you’re taking a risk because the yoyo you want might not be there. C3 discounted their stuff more on the last day I know for sure last year