world's hauls


for all of you coming back from wyyc what yoyos did you pick up?

I got a weird new irony jp
yoyorecreation stargeyser
vs. Newton skywalker
zeekio delrin(dont know the name)


OneDrop Rally
General Yo KLR (Aman edition A-grade)
SPYY Pro (pink)
SPYY Radian MKII Hyperion Edition
OneDrop “not supposed to tell”


Just these two!!


^ Just two? You behaved yourself big time. You showed tremendous restraint. :smiley:


Well technically I did buy two more throws but they were not for me… And funny thing was some people waiting for a Yeti for 2 plus hours… I walked in with Nick and the line was dwindling and there were two left and I had a chance to get one (a second one) and I passed it up…

I really only played 2 throws all Worlds. My Yeti and my Summit.

(SlimJoe) #6

Werrd :


Duncan :
FHZ Shmooved and Sili res.


Overdrive (old)

RecRev :
F(x) delrin
Paper Mache


that Zip Zop BvM2 is absolutely gorgeous!!!


I’m nearly home! When I get there ill post pics. My cafe racer I got is missing though so if you found one please me me know


Just out of curiosity, how’s the Fruiture?


I got like 11 throws… lol

I meet a bunch of you and it was awesome but soooooo many people to meet … it was overwhelming and it being my first time… i was like “darn … yoyoers… yoyoers everywhere” hahahaha

ran into Jrod … he was like “the last yoyo I bought was a duncan wheel” lmao and it was a 1 of 1 (seriously it was)

Worlds was awesome!!!

BTW i misplaced my accessory bag … it was a clear plastic bag (i think it was a yoyojam big yo bag) it had lots of bearings, pads, some side effects. If anyone found it … would appreciate it back but its not a big deal if i dont get it back, I am glad i didnt lose any yo-yos, I heard some did.


Nivo, I’d put that you lost your stuff in your Signature. It would help more people see it. Sorry you got your stuff lost/stolen. :-\


thanks!! i don’t think it was stolen because I think I dropped it somewhere and forgot about it. I had lots of throws in my bag they could have taken lol.

But glad no yoyos were stolen for me, sucks that there are people like that. I remember there were a few people going around looking for there yo-yos :’(


What throws?


a few not 11 … i was exaggerating … come to the club if you wanna know :stuck_out_tongue:

(SlimJoe) #15

It’s the bomb diggity. Think : More organic positron with a bit more heft. It’s really chill.


You are hilarious in person. I’m Alex. The guy standing in front of you when we were waiting for the yeti.


Yea I remember you … we were going around looking for someone to sign my proton hahahaha

btw you got some serious skills bro!!!

remember when eric koloski won the jar full of high-chews? and I was screaming … you should share!!! … and then he made it rain High chews … HAHHAHA

good times man good times.


Thanks man. I definitely have to start competing. Hank Freeman also thinks I should compete.


umm YES… you totally should … man you should have just tried at worlds … seriously!!!


I know man!! I feel like I could have made Semi finals.