What did you get at worlds?

I got a SPYY Pro, three B-grade 888’s, the second to last Werrd TFL88, the “worlds special edition yoyo”, a B-grade ENEM3, a brand new Raptor for 20 bucks, a Fiesta, and a B-grade BOSS.

a blue yuuksta, 2 2010 world edition yoyos, 2 yoyo cutters and 2 t shirts

I got a Blue Yuuksta, Orange Northstar, Gold B grade 888, Blue with yellow hubstacks unengraved skyline, a worlds shirt, and a yoyofactory protege shirt. And a werrd and yoyojam string cutters. WooHoo!

i bought a pair of yyf woodies.
steve gave me the new speed freak.
buck lynn gave me the oak yo-yo box he made for me.
and eric wolff gave me a pair of beautiful 3-in-1’s.
pretty sure that’s it.

You guys made me so jealous.

One day, i would like to go to worlds if i’m able to. . .


:open_mouth: wow
How do the hitman pro’s play in comparison to the x-convict and the hitman?

Dang Nathan! How much did that all cost!?!?! Can I come over to your house?

Less than it would have cost most people


Someone wanna sell an 888 from worlds?

I would, but i’m really loving mine! It depends on what you would buy/trade for it


Oh ok, that makes alot more sense. But what was the point of buying a bunch of the same yoyo?

nathan’s on team yyj, so at the most, he would have bought some of that stuff at cost.

Hey Nathan, How hard would it be to talk you into letting me borrow an SR71 for a month? I really loved the sirius and want one of these badly. Cash isn’t an option right now.

can i buy a hitman pro off u

hitman pro and werrd minute

i was on a budget :-\

Oh the joys of being sponserd…

I didn’t go to worlds, so no new yoyos for me.:frowning: