Questions about the Worlds Edition yoyo

So if you order preorder the worlds edition yoyo online from the site, do they ship it to your address?
Or do you need to pick it up when you come?

you pick it up when you get there. atleast that’s how it was last year.

Thanks Dynikus!
I just thought they would ship it to you since they asked for your address.

I think the address is just for billing purposes. I get asked for an address when I make any payment online.

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Also, does anyone have any clue what the Worlds Edition yoyo is this year?
I’m so pumped, I wanna know.

I doubt it, and I hope nobody ever gets a clue… I like surprises. :slight_smile:

I do too, I’m just worried that it’ll end up being something I buy before Worlds, which would stink.

Solution: Sell all your YoYos now and don’t buy any more until Worlds rolls up. :slight_smile:

that happened to me last year. I got a code 1 when it was first released, then I found out the worlds yoyo was a code 1 that year.
It didn’t really matter though, I just sold my original code 1 and kept the worlds one.

Meh, I can’t do BST though, so if I buy it, I keep it.

or you could always trade it while you were at worlds.

Good idea!
Although, Supernovas, Arctic Circles, and Cascades are probably not going to be the WE yoyo, and those are what might be bought. at the moment.

most likely not, no. haha
although for 85, I imagine it’s going to be something pretty nice. last year it was only 60.

I’m expecting something OneDrop, either Code 2 or Burnside.

Maybe a CLYW? Or a Viszilla?

this years yoyo cost $85 dollars. That might tell us something.

Come to think of it, maybe it is a Chief, because the guy throwing a yoyo on the right looks like he’s throwing a yoyo.

I think that might be a little too much $$$$$.

Its a yoyo contest. Whats he gonna be throwing? A diablo?

Since when was he throwing a YoYo?

Hooray for poor image manipulation!