FS Only Pre-Worlds Sale


Will take pictures soon, definitely before I bump again.

Paypal should be sent in a way where either you pay the fees, or there are no fees for either of us. Make sure to check before you actually send it who’s pocket it’s coming out of.

I respond to all pm’s, don’t post in the thread if you want a fast response.

Prices are shipped.

Yomega Pre-production Glide - 80$
I won this glide at MA States last year in the Yomega Best Trick Contest they were holding there.

Moment Yoyo’s Prototype Chronos - 120$
Never released so far as I know. Received this as a gift from my Matt at YYSL, who got it from the maker in exchange for providing string for the release that never happened so far as I know. Raw but marble’d, a lot of the marble has worn down to more of a mirror in places, I’ll get pictures. 1 feelable small ding, otherwise mint, but played.

Yoyofactory Yoyoexpert edition Genesis - 40$
Rims are lightly beat, rest of yoyo is actually in great condition. Missing one pad, still plays well, but binds would definitely snap if it had both. The bearing is ugly too (black/grey), but it actually works really well.

Worlds edition 2012 Orbitron 5000 - 120$
3 very small scratches on the bearing seat from struggling with a very tight bearing. Not noticeable, but I feel I must mention them for anyone looking for this specific yoyo mint. Like I said the bearing seat is very tight, but you luck out in this because it comes on a Trifecta that I cannot get out…I don’t have a BRuTe though.

C3yoyodesign Token - 30$
3 very small scratches, 2 on one half, 1 on the other. Otherwise Mint.




I’m interested in the CLYW Mischief, but disappointed in the flatspots. What are you looking to see it for?


It’s always those sick color ways that people want that have damage, it’s such a shame :confused:


Lol, sorry guys, but it looks prettier spinning. I’ve also been using it as my main player for like 6 months now. Dings are kind of unavoidable. As far as getting rid of it, it might be the only Chief I have left, so more than its worth probably.


Ill offer 200 but would need to see pictures of the scratches








Bump from antiquity. Pre Worlds sale begins now.

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