2013 World's Registration Question


I was registering for the 2013 World Yoyo Contest and their website does not have the ability to order a special edition yoyo.  I contacted them via email and have not yet heard a reply.  Anyway, does anyone know if there is no special edition yoyo for World’s this year?  I’ve enjoyed collecting them in the past and they have always been a great souvenir of the trip.  I’m not crazy, right?  There is no where to order a World’s Edition yoyo on this page…




Im not too sure but usually they have yoyos that are special editions at worlds not online


Your correct there is usually a option to buy one!


I’m starting a new tradition in that I will be buying at least one item from each contest I attend, hoping that it will be a yoyo, the one that is given the unique markings for the contest. So, I’m hoping that this means I’ll have the opportunity to buy the yoyo in question at the event, assuming I can go.

I should have a more firm answer in about 12 hours.


Dog if I find the link to the Worlds edition YoYo ,I will tell you.