WYYC 2013 SE YoYo for an Early-Registered Person?


So I just saw the updated WYYC site (which is great BTW), and in the FAQ, they say that to get the special edition yoyo, you have to order one at registration. I registered when the “early-bird discount (or whatever)” was going on and they didn’t have an option to get it. I checked out the current registration form, and it is still the same way - no option for the SE yoyo! Can somebody tell me if there is ANY way to get my hands on this throw!?

Also, what have the past special edition yoyos been? What do they usually cost?


I didn’t see it either and emailed him. I’ll let you know if I hear anything. I was talking to Dazzling Dave this weekend who I think goes every year and it slipped my mind to ask him if he knew anything.