I've been gone for a few months... what did I miss?

I’ve been gone since may… so anything major I miss?
P.s. i didnt know whether to put this in unrelated or general so move if necessary. ;D

The shutter came out, and it was awesome. Gentry won nats with it. A duncan guy won worlds (i forget his name). I JOINED THE FORUMNS!

Oh wait, nevermind. Bcmmaddog won worlds this year!


Janos from Duncan got 1st at worlds,
Hiroyuki got 10th,
The great war of onedrops rally vs clyws yeti
Like croco mentioned, gentry released an AMAZING new yoyo, the shutter, and wons mats with it

Blasphemy! Sheer blasphemy!

Janos Karancz

Educate yourself boy.

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Oh! It actually hasnt happened yet, but crocostrings are in the works.

Since this summer

clyw made a crap ton of new yoyos.

Arctic Circle 2
Gnarwhal 2
Puffin 2 (in the works)
CLYW made string
Yeti (clyw plastic)
Colored Yetis
One drop made a plastic, the Rally
One Drop Valor
One Drop Format C
Other One Drops
General yo Prestige
Other yoyos i cant think of
Janos won worlds
Gentry one ants with his awesome new yoyo the SHUTTER
SPYY Stopped making yoyos. not sure if that was in the latest 3 months tho
New CLYW team member Ayumu Harada
Other stuffs lol

World War III aka Rally vs Yeti

CLYW 2014 lineup

OD Benchmarks

YYF Shutter


No that was world war 5. It was so much bigger than the first two that they skipped 3 and 4 and went right to 5.

the yeti totally wins though


mother of god… it is back…

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Some really awesome plastics have been released.
C3 Speedoholic
OD Rally
YYF New Protostar

Yomega has had some nice releases. The ProDigy and Star Wars Glide look nice. ProDigy is machine in the USA by OD.

YYF released some pretty terrible splashes. It was as if the re ano’d over other yoyos in an attempt to get rid of overstock.

Some Cool Budget Metals
YYF Shutter
Duncan Echo 2
OD Benchmark Series
Duncan Strix

Janos and Hank Freeman took worlds in 1A and 3A. Duncan FTW.

YYF had a mystery Box sale which was pretty cool. The contents were great.

I got better at yoyo.

Seconds out, round two!!!

I’m getting the strangest feeling of Deja Vu…

Rally… FTW