been gone for a few months, what big things did i miss?

Hey everyone, been gone for quite some time, around worlds 2013. Haven’t been throwing and just wondering any big things I missed. Any recommendations of throws i should pick up or videos to check out?

I stopped a little after world, but still great performances across the board

CLYW released most of there 2014 line up.

Gentry won Nationals with his new Signature the Shutter which has taken over as the best budget yoyo out there at $45.

One Drop released the Benchmark series three different yoyos, an H shape, V Shape and Organic with SEs all priced at $60.

Ummm. There’s probably more but I can’t think of any.

Oh, I also haven’t progressed at all!
Day shutter tho

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Dat autocorrect do…

Awesome for gentry. Anyone have any good links to reviews for any of the throws stated above?