So, what have I missed?

Several years ago, I went through a yoyo “phase”. Played for about two years, and gradually went onto other interests.

Lately, I’ve started dusting off my old throws and relearning some of what I’ve lost. I quit right around the time the Milk and Silk came out, hub stacks came into vogue, and metals became all the rage (Bape, Peak). I think the last few things I bought were a Yoyofactory G5 and 401k.

So, what have I missed? What’s new/different?

What are a few throws under $50 I should consider picking up that embody where yoyo’s are in 2013?

Welcome back to yoyoing! Quite an amount of things happened during the time you left. I’d suggest the OneDrop Rally/YYF Shutter as the best throws under your budget now. If you are looking for any below $15, I’d highly suggest a C3 Speedaholic.

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I have a Shutter, the solid violet looks absolutely amazing, and it plays REALLY well. The only problem I have with it is the inside lip isn’t big enough for me to thumb grind with, and the finish isn’t the best if you want to get a good arm/finger grind. It’s a beast for horizontal and normal 1a play though, I’d recommend it to anyone.

Interestingly enough, I ordered a Rally about a day before my original post.

Amazing recommendation. Really, really like it. The funny thing is, how similar the Rally is in feel to my favorite yoyo from before I quit: a freehand zero, yoyoguy weight rings, wide spacers, and some kind of white pads (Duncan didn’t make silicone pads back then). The Rally is a little lighter, binds are way tighter, and much better looking.

I think I m in love.

You’ve missed quite a bit. haha the beginning of the metal phase you mentioned has just about ended. Plastics are coming back in.

Get a rally.