took a break from yoyoing, anything new?

i used too be active in this community but school and counter strike got in the way of that. so has anything new in the yoyoing scene happen?

life has happened… I think…

Nope. Everything stopped the moment you left.

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not another one of these threads.

Jensen Kimmit throws for MagicYo now.

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oh and Hiroyuki is really blind.

heh i thought he had augmented eyes or something.

yeah it must of been something… lol

Since your last post in March:

Obviously there have been plenty of new yoyos released. Go on ‘new releases’ and work backwards to get an idea as it’s time for me to hit the hay so I can’t really type them all out.

Gentry Stein won Worlds
Zac Gormley won US Nats
Carlos Braun won EYYC
Ahmad Kharisma won AP

Steve Brown joined CLYW (marketing, not the contest team)

That’s just what comes immediately to mind, but I am shattered so I know there’s tonnes I’ve missed. :slight_smile:

Nice to see you back! Nothing really has happened other than A ton of yoyos got released. Oh an Brandon Vu got sponsored by werrd and Ryan gee got sponsored by yoyofficer which is a new company that has some amazing budget metals.

One Drop Markmont Classic.

That is all.

Look up worlds and nationals videos
1a: Gentry 1st, Takeshi 2nd, Iori 3rd
2a: Takuma
3a: Hajime 1st, Hank 2nd
4a: Rei 1st, Michael 2nd, Naoto 3rd
5a: Takeshi 1st, Jake 2nd
You probably knew all that anyway

You were gone?!.. Umm, never even noticed! Haha lol, jk :smiley:

A gazillion starter companies now exist. Zach won nationals, Gentry won worlds. New yoyos, Riccardo Fraolini is breaking physics. Chuck left clyw. (April fools)

Welcome back by the way.

Oh yeah and Yoyonation shut down.