Worlds 2014 Question


With the move to Prague and the goal of making it a bigger and better contest I am honestly looking forward to watching the stream live. Hopefully part of the bigger and better deals with adding additional bandwidth to the stream for us poor fools that are stuck at home. :slight_smile:

Now for the question? Have the powers that be announced what the cash prizes are for the contest yet? It is coming up in just over a month and all I have been able to find is that there will be “awards”.

While I am not at a competitive level I whole heartedly approve of throwing cash at the winners of these contests. It will get more player interested in contests and bring recognition of the hobby to a wider audience. I know that the Triple Crown and the new Duncan IYYC (Duncan announced $17500 total in cash prizes) have not been shy about announcing big cash prizes and past Worlds contest have also had cash prizes along with goodie bags for the winners. I am hoping the new venue and contests heads lead to an even bigger cash pot this year for yoyos version of the Super Bowl. That could make for a great incentive to attend in Prague and hopefully give a bigger and better turn out in Tokyo in 2015.

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I haven’t heard anything about cash prizes yet, but I do know that the live stream will be in HD, with a 4 - 5 camera set-up, and will have live commentary from YoYoNews presented by myself and Rafael Matsunaga.

We’ll also be doing stage side interviews with players as they come off the stage from their performances, as well as interviews and banger previews that will be uploaded to the YoYoNews YouTube and Instagram feeds.

The coverage for this contest will be the absolute best of any yoyo contest ever, hands down. So, at least they’ve got that locked down. :slight_smile:


How about scoring rules? Maybe I’m missing something (I checked the “rules” link) but I can’t seem to find them… just round structures and seeds. Seems like an odd thing to leave out a month away from the contest?



Kyle, you are correct. I am usually on the spectating end of contests but looking over sites for contests like Triple Crown, Ohio States, and others they do have the scoring guidelines clearly laid out for everyone to see. From a teacher point of view I know that giving out a rubric to my students allows them to fully understand what I am looking for with projects. Without a scoring “rubric” for Worlds I could see it being a pain for anyone putting together a routine for the contest.

Here is what I found, I think this is what you were talking about:

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All scoring rules are explained under rules link, it’s same system as used at eyyc and same Duncan will use at Florida. What is there that can be problematic to understand?


for whatever reason I was on the IYYF page, not the worlds page… figured I missed something.

Thanks for the info.



I misread the graphic at the top of the page. LOL

Going back over it I found the scoring guidelines. As I said, I usually just go to watch so I am a novice to the scoring side.

Bina, do you know anything about my original question about prizes?

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Worlds has never announced prizes due to gambing laws in florida (i think). I don’t know if eyyc has ever either

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That’s not part I’m involved with. I heard prize money is in plan, but amount will be decided by number of registered players. It’s month away and ton of players that are coming is not registered yet.

Not sure if it will be more money than contests in USA, Prague organizators want it to make better and bigger, for that you spend ton of money on site, propagation and HD stream. I’m sure if we stream it from webcam of Macbook, there would be more money for prizes :slight_smile:

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By this I can safely say it involves betting/gambling where people collect some amount of money for the winners?

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… I don’t think that is the case. It’s more for the bigger sponsors contributing more for better public exposure.

(Bína) #12

Now, it depends on number of players who register for contest. No betting or gambling you are talking about.


Florida gambling laws are very strange, as are US taxation laws.

Czech Republic is not subject to any of that, and I’m sure have their own regulations… so it’s up to the organizers to determine how to handle and potential prizes, etc.

All we can hope for is ever increasing prizes at all major contests… and we’ve seen that in the past few years. All I can say is support your sponsors… they’re the ones throwing out the majority of the cash for these events… if you make it worth their effort, they’ll do more.



Did anyone ever find what the prizes are for the winners at Worlds. As i have said before, I would love to see the top players getting a fat check for all their hard work, especially from what is supposed to be the biggest and most prestigious yo-yo contest around.


10,000 czech crowns for the winners (I think)


equal to 381 US dollars