worlds 2013 sample

tell me what you’all think

It is good, but not Worlds good.


good thing theres still six months till worlds then

ps. why not worlds good?

What exactly do you mean by “worlds good”?

I think it’s very good and would work very well for a prelim

PS. Didn’t mean to Thank You on that post
maybe a mod can undo it for me?

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I think that it was pretty good. Definitely if he has a full routine that has string hits like that. Someone doesn’t have to big a big yoyo name to have contention for the title. There is no such thing as “worlds good”, anyone who yoyos is good enough

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I thought he meant finals.

i do…

Well it would be great for both actually
It’s very impressive

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Like I said, if he had a full routine with stuff like that i could see his name in the finals. Theres still plenty of time to make an awesome freestyle. Good luck yoyosforbreakfast

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thanks!, i have about 2 minutes of solid material.

Thats really nice but kinda repatitive so you wont score as well because judges cant see all the intricate movements when your on stage

PS please lube your bearing , i hate it when bearings are loud like that (IMO)

theres only a single repeated element

That’s pretty sick. Really liked it, and if you have a full routine like that, I could probably see making it into the finals, or at least close.

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Aight boys, don’t be jealous of this badask faking beastly creature.

That was rally good and I hope you make at least semi finals at Worlds

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I liked the exhale at the end- it says “Thank god I got through that”

Nice. Keep this momentum!
If I don’t see you at worlds, I’ll come after you

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I love the sound, ha.

As for the video itself, I like the style, very quick but not too choppy. I can see a very nice looking final or prelim routine coming from that style of play.

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I agree, but by worlds for 2013, I think you’ll be ready!!!

it might be a little hard to tell but its 31 string hits in 15 seconds, most of those hits being chopstick based.

some of them inverted at the end

That was great definitely worlds good!!!
I’m just assuming your not try to win, but a routine of tricks of that level could maybe get you top 50.
You would have to beat a routine around this good.

To get to the semi’s you would have to be a routine around this good.

*skill level required may very

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