Working Response for Hspin G&E 4?

Does anyone have a good response setup for their Hspin G&E 4? I got one at the original release and absolutely loved it but ever since I ran out of the original pads I’ve struggled to get it to bind well. If I remember right, it originally came with chaz pads, but those haven’t been available for years. Dif pads are standard for most other hspin yoyos, but they don’t work well with a gap this wide. My G&E 3 allows adjusting the gap width with shims, but it was the last of their models to do so. I still have some of the old 13.7 sized Duncan friction stickers. They’ve worked, but only barely. The binds are still loose and the pads usually only work well when they’re new or freshly scuffed, but at least it’s playable. Using a long string has also helped somewhat. The next thing I’m planning on trying is some of the tall fat kitty string to see if that helps, but I’d love to hear if anyone else got something that actually worked well.

Unfortunately the recessed area for response pads is shallow on this yoyo so the thicker pads that are more common now don’t work well. Last time I tried one of the thicker style pads it made the yoyo too responsive/unpredictable since the pad stuck out so far, and after relatively little play time the pad came off and wrapped itself around the bearing. I’ve also tried putting in silicone myself. That plays how it should, but it tears out after a few throws because the recess is so shallow.

I don’t think anyone really makes d sized pads for Yoyos anymore. You might have to make your own pads since none are really available. There’s a tutorial out there for making your own chazpads and you just need the correct size hole cutter and a couple of materials for it. You might be able to contact a modder about depending the recess to take silicone as an alternative to making your own pads.

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Thanks, I hadn’t realized that the “recipe” for chaz pads was out there already. Apparently they made them by mixing plasti-dip with naphtha. I’m not really set up to make something like that at the moment, but it seems like a good long-term fix.

Mine came with dif pads. You can get the thicker size .03 in. thick. Though mine appear to be the thinner size .015 in.

One caveat on mine is that I replaced the 5 mm stock bearing with a 4 mm bearing because I could not get it to return. The save deth version came stock with a 4 mm bearing.

Yah, mine has a 5x11x5 KonKave bearing in it right now. Replacing it with a 4mm wide one seems like a good fix. That’s reassuring about the Save Deth edition too. If they were already doing that as stock for some of them it probably doesn’t affect the play style much. I’ll see if I can find a good replacement bearing.

If you have a hobby shop in your area that sell RC cars or helicopters they usually have a selection of various size bearings.

G&E 4 lily is my personal favorite throw, I actually moved to the 5x11x5 koncave recently.
I just changed to a thicker string, and no longer have trouble with the binds on the reg. dif pads.

Haven’t tried the thin Dif pads, but I did buy some so probably when the thick wear out I’ll give them a shot. Don’t think they’ll do.

I was using the red the Duncan pads exclusively. those were more grabby. Not sure if they make them still.

Reporting back after trying thicker/longer string for a bit. It binds reliably now. It’s dead unresponsive with a little slip at the end of the throw, but it’s not too bad. I like it dead unresponsive anyway. The thicker string seems to be what made the difference. My current setup is tall/fat kitty string + 13.7 sized Duncan friction stickers. Hopefully thick Dif pads will also work once I run out of the Duncan stickers since they aren’t being made anymore.

Thanks everyone!


Glad it worked out for you

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