Any ideas for alternative response for hspin throws?

First off I would like to say that I love my hspin Gorylla and Beysick, great stuff. The hspin response, as many of you probably know, isn’t great stuff. The pads that I had been buying seem to stay in for maybe a week or so and then they start to bubble or fall out. The recess is too shallow to accept flowable silicone (also stays in for a very short time) and the only real fix I have found is to buy small bearing dif pads and try and cut them to the right size with a craft knife. Has anyone out there had any luck in any other ways?

On my G&E 4 (Lily) and my Pyro light I have had good success with the Duncan large bearing silicone pads. Unfortunately they don’t fit the Gorylla w/o significantly cutting them down. I find the ID of the large bearing size fits pretty well.

I would like to suggest also, the the response recesses may not be too shallow for flowable. I have successfully siliconed a YYF Mighty Flea without the response falling out after a lot of play. Try this:

After the old response is completely removed, use a cotton tip and some methylated spirits to clean the recess thoroughly (not sure if it’s called that in the US, but it’s basically alcohol).

Then let it air dry.

Afterwards, apply your flowable silicone, being very careful to not allow it to dome up above the edge of the response recess.

Let it cure for 24h.

This should work very well for you. :slight_smile:

I don’t know about the exact thickness but irpad sturmpanzer size d and yyr slim size d thin could be good tries

Hey guys, thanks for the replies.

I hadn’t tried thoroughly cleaning the area up first before siliconing, I’ll give it a shot.

As for the sturmpanzer pads, I would still have to cut them down or they were too big based on measurements I found, honestly just remember that they wouldn’t work. The yyr pads I did not know about. I guess I have some researching to do.

So after a bit of a wait and forgetting to update, the YYR Ir pads (labeled as YYR small thin) were reeeeeally close to the right size. I had to cut a small section, about 2 or 3mm, from the ring so they would fit. Other than that they have been great.

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was it the 6/clashcube one or fragment one