hspin silicone alternate?


What can I use for response in an Icon? YYE has no more spin silicone replacement pads and I need to replace the pads in this bad boy.


My database doesn’t show this as being a model that is known to be compatible with flowable silicone. I’d contact YoYoExpert drectly for a suitable replacement, if one is available.


You can use the Duncan 12 mm silicone pad and trim it down.


Definitely to shallow to accept flowable. I’d rather not have to trim down pads. I’ll ask yye or check somewhere else.


you can try to email hspin directly. I know they are out of business but maybe they have some laying around. and the NVx accepted gasket maker when I tried it so I say try using that, but it doesn’t hold long.


You might also see if a modder might be interested in deepening the silicone recess to a suitable depth. I have an H-spin coming in soon that is questionable and if it won’t hold flowable, it’s gonna go to a modder.


who would be a good modder to do something like that?


Would .555 pads work? Like dif pads


.555 pads are too big.