Response for an HSpin Icon?


New user, long time lurker.
I recently picked up an HSpin Icon. It takes the silicon red pads. These are out of stock, most anywhere. What can I use to replace these?
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Can you do you own silicon? Or are you talking about what the pads are made of?


Yeah, I’ve done silicone. Don’t like to, but have. They have shallow grooves, too. The original was a red silicone ring. I was wondering what other rings would fit into the original grooves, as HSpin rings have run out.

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Use this as the last resource. Find a pad that has similar thickness and width to the groove. Most likely it will be too big because HSpin uses D bearing (?) iirc. Cut a small section of the pad making it C shaped to the point it can fit into the groove. You may reconnect the cut part with superglue (recommended), or just leave as is.


Ok, sounds good.

Ok, sounds better.


A duncan silicone pad is probably a good start.

Disregard finalfantasy9001’s bit.


Duncan sili large pad on the way from japan. Thanks.