Replacement for Hspin Silicone sticker?

Well, my neighbor has a response dead beysick and no response pads. He didn’t keep the ones that fell out, and he’s kinda depressed. In my neighborhood, I’m the go-to guy if you need any light modding done (maitenence, etc.). And this guy asks me to replace the response. I have no Hspin pads, and frankly, the kid’s broke (I also will not buy them, as I just ordered stuff I needed, I’m broke as well, and the thought of keeping these pads on me so this guy can get them every once and again is ridiculous to me. I don’t charge for my services really, since it doesn’t cost me much at all to replace silicone on their halves, or lube their bearing or anything, so I’ve got little to no income my way. I temporarily sili’d it, but I know that won’t last maybe even a day.

So, cut and dry, can I replace these myself?


I’m not sure. I don’t have a Beysick, and the only HSpin I have takes Dif-E-Yo pads, so I don’t know the challenges you’d face with siliconing it. But perhaps a layer of gasket adhesive under a slightly more rigid silicone… could work.

well, it is like an oring but more shallow in depth, and a smaller circumference.