Important update on HSPIN's A&R 2.0 response system

This is an update on product development from HSPIN on our new response system, “AXLE & RESPONSE 2.0” (A&R 2.0).

Recently, a few players using our yoyos have observed two things:

  1. The silicone pads provided with the BeySick, NVx or Gorylla fall out more easily than they should.
  2. When siliconing the recess with flowable silicone, the silicone does not last very long and also falls out.

We do not want a simple sticker problem to stop you from enjoying some of the finest yoyos we have ever made. We do apologize to the ones who have made negative experiences and thank them cordially for their patience demonstrated so far.
We want to hereby update you and suggest the following:

  1. Should you have an urgent unresolved situation, please contact Lars from the HSPIN NETWORK (lars at hspin dot com) who is helping us to resolve such technical problems. He will try to help you resolve any problem to the best of his ability.

  2. For normal replacement (like any pad) you can buy the A&R 2.0 pads from the following sources:

  • (soon, preferred) YOUR FAVORITE RETAILER: We are right now in a dialogue with your favorite retailer (or will start it this week) to check if they can help us to stock those pads. Please ask them about progress.

  • HSPIN:
    We have our standard bag of spares (containing also the pads), which fits all the above mentioned yoyos.

  1. We are further improving the A&R 2.0. Some of the improvement levers include deepening the recess, improving the adhesive and exploring additional materials. We will keep you updated with progress. The HSPIN NETWORK will be at the core of resolving this.

  2. We will post yet another video on how to silicone yoyos. We do believe there are different ways to do this, and it seems that the A&R 2.0 calls for more attention.

  3. As always - user ideas are welcome. If you have observations on what to do, please post your ideas as comment to this threat. Thank you.

Please contact us should you have any other questions or issues:

Thank you for your support, patience and loyalty,

Way to go HSPIN, I am glad to see that the HSPIN network is publicly coming forward to address a problem that aparantly some consumers may be facing, I think everyone should give them a round of applause for this public service announcement. Not only did they “man up” and let everyone know they also put out bullets as to what they plan to do to rectify the situation. I for one do not own any HSPIN throws, however I may have to reconsider this in the future. HSPIN you get two thumbs up from me and I look forward to someday owning one of their gorgeous yoyo’s in the future.

Also, I think more companies should do this to let us, the consumer, know what may or may not be going on with our favorite tools.

Just my two cents.

I dont hav any Hspin yoyo yet, but i think, a simple groove on the width of the end of the toothpick, should be fine, b’cause it will make the silicon recess (only home made) would stick better, and its not so hard to do it(for h-spin) in the “better” or “corrected” edition of the NVx, Beysick, or Gorilla. There is also the 2 way, just make in those 3 yoyos recess like in the Cut. My friend has one, and says, it stick long time

Greetings, Misiek3000

Edit: The groove should be “on the width of the end of the toothpick” only b’cause, it would be easy to clean up, if it would be smaller, I wouldnt hav any idea to clean it, and a bigger one, wont help