No response?

My crucial yoyo just had its response pads get all sticky and pull out the bearing seat thing crucial has (sorry I forgot the name) so i just took them out. Will this be fine?


You’ll want to replace the pads or contact YYE to find a suitable replacement pad. I think(and I could be wrong) that the place for the response pads is too shallow to use flowable silicone.

So, other than you’ll have a tough time returning the yoyo back to you, it should be otherwise fine. Response pads/systems are meant to wear down and be replaced.

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yeah i dont think they can take flowable silicone

I think it take Crucial Ghost Pads. BTW, the response is called SPR. :slight_smile:

It a spacer not response system, but I know what you meant.

The only problem is I cannot find those in stock anywhere!

Contact yoyoexpert, he will be able to tell what other pads will fit. No wait, I checked that other site and they have them in stock.

So tell us how does it work w/o a response system?

Most yoyos need the response system to impart spin to the body when thrown. Without response, the yoyo will literally fall down the string w/o spinning.

You can try Black Kentaro Friction Seats (Kimu Pads) ive never used them but i have read other people who have replaced their g5+ with ghost pads with them so i think they would work

Yeah it kinda just rolls off the string. It is not very functional.

You can fill the SPR in with silicone.

You need the SPR in the yoyo because it also acts as a bearing seat. Not to mention a yoyo will not bind without some sort of response system…the SPR IS the response system.!

But this forum is YYE’s forum and it’s a respect to Andre.

I realize that. I’m not trying to be disrespectful or take away business from Andre’s storefront. To be honest I prefer this store (even in light of recent events that affected few of us) to any other.

I’ve edited my previous post…