A couple question about the Hspin good and Evil 2.

Ok one, Is this yoyo not able to be siliconed? If so what will be my best option of responce to put in the yoyo for it to be unresponsive?

Second. Where can I get shims for this yoyo? I understood I can get some from Spyy is this true?
Thanks alot all.

I can’t really answer the first and third one, you should contact scuba steve about them. What I CAN tell you though is that IMO flowable silicone is the best option if you want the yoyo unresposnsive.

yoyofool, the G&E2 is designed for pads not silicone. They came stock with a pair of Dif pads. SPYY shims may or may not work on it. The G&E2 has a different bearing seat than what most modern have. You could try those shims but I leave no guarantees.