Work what?

So many people say “Work with your Throws” so I need tips for stronger & straighter throws (Both Breakaway and Sleeper) :smiley:


~Matthew :slight_smile:

You really want to move your arm pretty fast and keep it as straight as you can. Also, make sure to snap your wrist hard while doing this. Also, a problem many people have is that they are throwing straight down. You want to throw it a bit in front of you and it will go straight down.

For a side throw, the wrist is even more important. Again, don’t throw it straight down. Throw it more to the side (or throw it out instead of down) and it will work much better.

If I need to, I could make a video later explaining the differences.

Another thing to mention is: work on throwing straight first, and then throwing harder. Having a really strong throw wont help you if it’s all sideways on ya. Once you get the straight throw, then you can progressively throw harder, making sure you get it straight too. It worked well for me. Even now when I throw a really really hard breakaway, it’s not always straight.

Video?, I hope so! ;), I will really appreciate it.

That’s fine. I’ll probably be able to get something together this weekend for it.