Improve your Throw and Sleep Times

Hey, I did a quick search and didn’t find too much on the topic other than practice practice practice. I am trying to figure out what are the different ways to improve (mostly straighten and strengthen) my throw. A lot of people when asked on how to improve their sleep times are told to throw straighter and stronger but how do you go about refining both of those? I think that I have seen different holding positions, tips like snapping the wrist. So I was wondering what everyone’s thoughts were on how to get a straight powerful throw. My main thing is getting a strong breakaway for side style tricks.

So great to see that you searched! Good Job!

It’s easy to define stronger throw. You have to snap your wrist to get the maximum out of a throw. The harder you snap your wrist, the harder the throw. You have to use your muscles on this one.

Straight throw. I throw that isn’t straight is crooked. That’s like saying that dirty clothes aren’t clean, but whatever. You actually got the winning formula yourself; practice, practice, practice. You can use the tile method for a frontstyle throw: Stand on a floor with some straight lines on it. Aim on one of those lines and try to get the string and gap aligned with the line on the floor. Your muscles will start to ‘remember’ the straight throw. On a breakaway, try throwing while facing a wall. Walk closer and closer to the wall for every single throw that doesn’t hit the wall, take a step back for every throw that hits the wall.

Those methods are very effective when practicing your throws. But I found out that when you do these exercises, it’s better to do them with a looping yo-yo than a string trick yo-yo. The tighter gap will make it easier to see if you centered the string correctly. Plus, it’s easier to get more throws down when you don’t need to bind the yo-yo.

Wow! Great new advice to Xdohl’s great method. I never actually tried this method since I am fairly pleased with my own throw.

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I usually use my arm, and flick my wrist a little.

It gets me good throws on my eight8eight, and long enough sleepers for a long trick. :slight_smile:

Remember that after you flick your wrist, you stop abruptly, so the yoyo continues moving without your hand. Your hand will slow it down.

PPP-ractice straight throws!

Should you stop your hand, like a frisbee, or flick it back, like… uh, like you’re flicking it back?

Almost. When you throw, quickly move your hand back side up. So in one fast motion, turn your hand.

All you do is flick your wrist, and turn your hand.