Help me with my throws

can some of you help me to improve my throw? i am a ok yoyoer, but i think my throw is too bad. I can’t do long and cool combos because of my bad throw. wil you please hel me?

haha! thrws…
that was wrong ???

There is no yoyo, bearing, string or anything that will help you better than practice. Just keep practicing. Keep in mind, it does take time. For me to throw well took 2 weeks after I learned breakaway. Just keep at it. Make sure your wrist is straight when you throw, and try to keep it straight the entire time.

ps. for the title, there is a modify button on the top right of your post. you can change the title that way.

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are ypu throwing straight or a breakaway?
for a breakaway, there is another thread in the trick section of this forum.
if you’re throwing straightwards with trouble, make sure you throw straight but don’t bend your elbows too much. mainly use your wrist because it’s smaller and easier to control. but anything wont help if you just dont practice. for me i practice a lot so have fun! :wink: :smiley:

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